Lifetime Warranty

Garage Storage Cabinets by Garage Experts™ will Unclutter Your World™

Garages – They don’t have to be cluttered or unorganized anymore.

Garage Experts™ now makes it possible to take all of your garage clutter and organize and store it in our beautiful Cabinets designed for the Garage Space. Don’t rent a storage space. Don’t spend frustrating time trying to find items in your garage. Call us to meet with a local Garage Experts™ company. They will show you how our cabinets can store all of your extra stuff and look great while doing it! We will make the whole process easy from the design to installation. When you hire Garage Experts™, you are hiring a local franchise that adheres to our strict national installation standards and ethics.

Garage Storage Cabinets Design

Our Garage Storage Cabinets offer tremendous storage capacity. We have designed the shelves to have maximum adjustability so you can move them to fit your storage items. Many systems out there have fixed shelves which tend to create unused space. Unlike the competition, GarageExperts never uses staples or nails. Instead we use rugged, all steel connection hardware. The end result—Tough Garage Cabinetry that will withstand the abuse typically found in a garage environment. The cabinet doors have full-width openings with no center posts which allow for storing of large objects. They also have easy to-clean thermo fused melamine interiors and exteriors to guard against stains and spills. All of the Storage Cabinets are mounted directly to the wall to allow for easy cleaning underneath the cabinets. We offer five colors Maple, White, Charcoal, Cherry, and an ultra custom Charcoal cabinet with Diamond Plate Doors!

Panel Board

Garage Experts™ processes 100% Industrial Pine. Garage Experts™ will not use the lower quality commercial board. Industrial grade is made with more glue than inferior commercial board and is more expensive to manufacture. Industrial provides better screw holding and is stronger for holding weight. Pine is also more costly to obtain and is the high standard for "softwood." Consequently Industrial Pine is structurally superior and more chip resistant than inferior specifications. Industrial is what the Wood Institute and Architectural Woodwork Institute approves for use in cabinetry. Industrial Strength is what Garage Experts™ is all about. When we transform your garage you can rest assured that the garage storage cabinets we install are tough. In fact every Garage Experts™ Storage Cabinet is backed by a lifetime warranty!

Green Particle Board

Our panels are the first in the industry to be licensed with Composite Panel Associations’ Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) downstream program. Manufacturing towards a green product is what Garage Experts™ is all about. We have been formulating Ultra Low VOC Coatings since the 1990s and continue on the same path by using green products when possible.

Care Free Maintenance

All of the Garage Experts™ Storage Cabinets are stain-proof. They are built tough and don’t rely on cardboard backs to get strength like some that are offered by many contractors or DIY packages on the market today. Our Storage Cabinets are easy to clean and require no special maintenance. Simply clean with water and a mild (non-filming) detergent. With almost no effort at all, you can have beautiful Garage Experts™ storage cabinets for years to come.

Call Now for a Free Estimate

Call your local Garage Experts™ franchise to receive a quick professional estimate. Our estimates are done using proprietary CAD software and we are able to customize your garage to show you a 3-D graphic of it at the time of estimate. Our pledge to you is that we will show up on time and provide you with a professional estimate on the spot. We will have real samples for you to view and be courteous at all times. Garage Experts™, a national brand you can trust!